Sunday Workshops

There are three workshops available to delegates on Sunday 18th December with a charge of £25 per activity to cover costs. Note that both the CASP (sandstone provenance) and BPI (fluid flow in reservoir) workshops are at the same time in the afternoon so only select one of these. The core workshop runs in the morning and you are welcome to select both this workshop and one of the afternoon workshops too. If you are attending a workshop then there will be the option for you to buy a self-service Sunday lunch at the excellent Churchill college canteen, 5 mins stroll from the Bullard site.

1. CASP Workshop: "Sandstone Provenance"

  • Sanem Acikalin (Newcastle University):
    The interpretation of sandstone petrography; principles and practise
  • Andy Morton (HM Associates):
    The interpretation of heavy minerals; principles and practise
  • Michael Flowerdew (CASP):
    Using geochronology of detrital minerals for maximum age of deposition and Feldspar Pb as a monitor for zircon fertility and recycling
  • Jenny Omma (RockType):
    Introduction to big data petrography - algorithm led analysis of automatically generated digital rock data by electron-, X ray- and light-based techniques

    Where: CASP, Bullard Site CB3 0DH
    Time: 13:00 - 17:00
    Numbers: up to 20

    2. BPI Workshop: "Fluid Flow in Reservoirs: applying sedimentology"

  • Workshop tutors: Pete Smith (Chief Reservoir Engineer, RPS Nautilus) and Gary Nichols (Principal Advisor, ROS Nautilus)

    Through a series of case studies this workshop will consider aspects of the way sedimentology is applied to reservoir modelling. Issues that will be covered include

  • Reservoir Predictability
  • Reservoir Heterogeneity
  • Reservoir Mechanisms
  • Reservoir Compartmentalisation
  • Geological Analogues

    Where: BP Institute, Bullard Site CB3 0EZ
    Time: 13:30 - 17:00
    Numbers: 12-24

    3. ExxonMobil Core Workshop: "Core from the Corallian (Oxfordian) of the Weald Basin"

  • Ivan Fabuel-Perez & Adriaan Janszen, ExxonMobil

    The group will have the opportunity to examine the sedimentology and facies associations of the late Jurassic, Middle Oxfordian, Corallian succession from a core from a hydrocarbon exploration well drilled in the Weald Basin (Bletchingley 2, Godstone, Surrey) and compare it to the section exposed in Dorset some 150km to the SW. This comparison illustrates basin scale variations in depositional environments in a mixed carbonate clastic system.

    The section consists of a shallow marine carbonate shoal overlain by a distal clastic shoreface. We will look at the carbonate facies and also show how shallow marine parasequences and their stacking patterns are easily recognized in these intervals. Comparison of the sequence stratigraphy between the outcrop and core and both intervals show the same parasequence stacking patterns and key sequence stratigraphic surfaces between the biostratigraphically constrained horizons.

    Where: Bullard Lecture Theatre, Wolfson Building, Bullard Site CB3 0EZ
    Time: 09:30 - 12:00 or 13:30-17:00
    Numbers: up to 20 at each session