BP-Schlumberger Energy Masterclass 2017

Sponsored by BP and Schlumberger The 13th annual BP-Schlumberger Masterclass in Energy Supply and Demand will take place at the BP Institute from 4-5 December 2017. Students with an interest in the future of energy technology or a career in the energy sector are encouraged to apply for this sponsored course, by visiting the Masterclass 2017 Registration page.

The Masterclass is an intensive programme of talks from experts working in the broad areas of energy supply and demand, both in industry and the university. The focus is on technology challenges and opportunities, including examples of the use of science and engineering in the energy industry.

The Masterclass covers a very broad range of themes, from conventional supplies, renewable supplies to energy efficiency, and it provides new insights about both long and short term challenges for the energy infrastructure. An important aspect of the Masterclass is the opportunity to learn about and debate some of the important questions concerning different energy sources, about energy efficiency and climate change.

The Masterclass is made possible via the generous donations of Schlumberger and BP.