Surface Tension Modelling

There is an ongoing research programme exploring the dynamics of interfaces, and in particular the role of surface tension in both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, led by the numerical simulation work of Dr Jie Li. Recent projects of interest have included the study of the formation of droplets from stretched filaments of fluid [Clasen et al.(2006)], with application for ink jet printing. There has also been a series of computational experiments to examine the dynamics of solid-liquid interfaces, and the application to the dynamics of small mobile insects, such as the water strider [Li et al.(2005)].

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◾Li, J., Hesse, M., Ziegler, J. and Woods, A.W. (2005) An arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method for moving-boundary problems and its application to jumping over water. J. Compt. Phys. 208, 289-314.