BPI Scholarships for a PhD in Fluid Flow or Surface Science

The BP Institute is pleased to announce a competition for BPI PhD Scholarships — these are fully funded PhD studentships for 3.5 years, open to candidates in all areas of fluid flow and surface science, related to the activities of the BPI.

We welcome applications for the scholarships, which should include a one-page cv including a statement of university exam results. Candidates should also submit a one page summary of their broad area of research interest, perhaps drawing on information about possible PhD research in the BP Institute (see www.bpi.cam.ac.uk/phd), or they may propose a specific research project, again as a one page summary. Please also let us have the names of two referees (e.g., your director of studies, supervisors or tutors).

We encourage candidates to discuss their research plans with members of the BPI faculty (see www.bpi.cam.ac.uk/people). The successful candidates will be supervised by one (or more) of the faculty in the BPI, and will be registered in one of the parent departments of the BPI.

Please submit applications to Catherine Pearson, catherine@bpi.cam.ac.uk, preferably by end December 2020 for full consideration.