Andrew Gilbert

2009-2013 MSci Geoscience, Durham University
2013-Now, PhD, Determining the fluid dynamics of magma chambers from experimental and petrological analysis.

My project is split into three parts:
Experimental modelling of magma chambers. I have done tank experiments to model the regimes and modes of convection in a chamber composed of a crystal pile and a fluid layer. From analysing the types of convection, can we then observe these process in the magmatic rock record.
Petrological analysis of plagioclase in basaltic dykes. The size and shape of plagioclase in basaltic magma chambers gives us an idea of the cooling rate and crystallisation history of the chamber. Looking at cross-sectional profiles across dykes, and seeing how the plagioclase textures change gives us an insight into how the chamber has cooled down.
Rheology of crystal-rich ice slurries. Looking at how the rheology of a system changes as it crystallises and crystals ripen over time, specifically in the ice-sucrose system.