Dr. Bryan Lovell

OBE, C.Geol., Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences


◾ Oxford University Geology (BA 1963; MSc 1964)
◾ Harvard University (PhD 1968)
◾ Teaching Fellow Harvard University 1965-1968
◾ Lecturer in Geology at Edinburgh University 1969-1981
◾ Consultant to oil and mining industries 1965-1981
◾ founder and Chairman of Petrological Services Edinburgh 1980-1981
◾ Scottish Liberal Party energy spokesman 1978-1979
◾ Parliamentary candidate, Edinburgh South,1979.
◾ BP Exploration 1981-1996 ◾ Chief Sedimentologist
◾ Exploration Manager and General Manager Ireland
◾ International Exploration Manager (Middle East)
◾ Head of Recruitment, BP Group.
◾ President of the Geological Society 2010-2012

◾ Continuing involvement with oil industry as consultant since 1996.

Plumes or hotspots are significant features of Earth's convecting mantle. Their behaviour may be studied by analysing their control of elevation of Earth's surface. Specifically, they have notable effects on regional sea-levels. These changes in relative sea-level may be measured in the sedimentary record preserved on the margins of continents. These studies throw light on two main areas of Earth Science: ◾ flow in mantle plumes
◾ the mechanism of control of high-frequency changes in sea-level, especially in non-glacial times.

Earlier Publications
◾ Lovell B. (2010) A pulse in the planet: regional control of high-frequency changes in relative sea level by mantle convection. J GEOL SOC LONDON 167 (4): 637-648 JUL 2010.
◾ Rudge J.F., Champion M.E.S., White N., McKenzie D. and Lovell B. (2008) A plume model of transient diachronous uplift at the Earth's surface. EARTH PLANET SC LETT 267 (1-2): 146-160 MAR 1 2008.
◾ Maclennan J. and Lovell B. (2002) Control of regional sea level by surface uplift and subsidence caused by magmatic underplating of Earth's crust. GEOLOGY 30 (8): 675-678 AUG 2002.
◾ White N. and Lovell B. (1997) Measuring the pulse of a plume with the sedimentary record. NATURE 387 (6636): 888-891 JUN 26 199.
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